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    Vitelix offers e-commerce companies and the CRM industry a competitive advantage with leading-edge products to propel them into the convergence of telephony, Internet and PC. By incorporating Vitelix's Phone-embedded devices into their services, e-commerce companies, call-centers and CRM can utilize high-quality VoIP for attracting business and building customer loyalty.

    Smart VoIP Telephony Systems
    ChatPhone and ChatSet transform PCs into smart VoIP telephony systems that fully converge VoIP telephony with computing power. This convergence enables simultaneous Web browsing and phone calling (both PSTN and VoIP) over the same line, as well as a host of other functions.

    Exclusive E-Commerce Features
  • "Pick-'n-talk" __ while surfing the Web, customers can lift the receiver      and a call is automatically placed to an online agent/CSR.
  • Real-time synchronization __ the online agent and customer view and      discuss the same Web page.
  • Call center control system __ for monitoring and intervening in
         ongoing calls.
  • Direct billing __ built-in ID codes enable authenticated billing and easy,      one-step purchasing. No credit card numbers are needed.

    Value Proposition
    Vitelix's Phone-embedded devices represent the ultimate added value proposition to e-commerce businesses, call-centers and CRM by upgrading the relationship between customers and agents. This takes place on both sides of the interaction__at the business end and at the consumer end. At the business end, customer service agents are a principal beneficiary of Vitelix's superior VoIP quality, comfort and manageability.

    E-commerce businesses can offer these economical, Phone-embedded devices to their preferred customers to stimulate business. In the age of electronic shopping, Vitelix's devices will motivate consumers with enabling features such as "pick-'n-buy," real-time synchronization and direct billing.

    CRM departments can integrate Vitelix's devices for customer care and support, the supervision of these activities, and work collaboration. The ease, cost-effectiveness and convenience of such enhanced communication raises the bar for standards in CRM.

    Add Value to Your Customers at Low Cost
    The low manufacturing costs and/or ubiquity of professional CSR and standard telephony devices, combined with the affordable solution, result in mass-market appeal of Vitelix's devices.

    Add Value to Your Customers with No Hassle
    Vitelix's technology entails simple "plug and play" connection of the Phone-embedded device to the USB port of the PC. In addition, these devices' user-friendly features preserve consumers' intuitive calling habits alongside their advanced capabilities.

    Vitelix Offers VOIP solutions to Suit Every Business Need
  • Production via a third-party manufacturers
  • Customized Phone VOIP solutions for various applications and markets
  • Custom consulting and design services for telephony
         convergence devices

    Vitelix offers its wealth of experience in device and feature design, according to any business' needs. Join the next-generation telephony revolution, and you will find an enthusiastic partner in Vitelix