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    Next-generation VoIP has arrived.

    Vitelix offers ISPs a competitive advantage with leading-edge products to propel them into the convergence of telephony, Internet and PC. By marketing Vitelix's Phone-embedded devices as an integral part of their service, ISPs can offer high-quality VoIP that generates subscribers, increased usage and loyalty.

    Smart VoIP Telephony Systems
    ChatPhone and ChatSet transform PCs into smart VoIP telephony systems that fully converge VoIP telephony with computing power. This convergence enables voicemail, call recording on PC, voice command dialing, screen dialing and integration with existing software, including MS Outlook, NetMeeting and Messenger.

    Value Proposition
    ChatPhone and ChatSet are maximally flexible VOIP solutions that add significant value to ISPs. By offering these Phone-embedded products as part of their subscription plans, ISPs can position themselves as market pioneers, offering unprecedented utility to their customers.

    Add Value to Your Customers at Low Cost
    The low manufacturing costs and ubiquity of standard telephony devices, combined with the affordable solution, result in mass-market appeal of Vitelix's devices.

    Add Value to Your Customers with No Hassle
    Vitelix's technology entails simple "plug and play" connection of its Phone-embedded device to the USB port of the PC. In addition, these devices' user-friendly features preserve consumers' intuitive calling habits alongside their advanced capabilities.

    A Complete Range of Value-Adding Products
    In addition to the aforementioned devices, Vitelix makes possible a full range of communication convergence products, including modular hardware that transforms your customers' existing phone into to smart VoIP telephony systems (PCPhone Converger) via a simple connection to the USB port.

    ISPs Can Offer Enhanced Services to Both Consumer and Business Markets
  • These devices enable free or low-cost, long-distance calling to anywhere in      North America from anywhere in the world.
  • Consumers can enjoy high-quality voice chat and many more features.
  • Businesses can benefit from voice work collaboration and many
         more features.
  • E-commerce & CRM businesses can stimulate sales and support by      enhancing end-user interaction with customer service agents.

    Vitelix Offers VOIP solutions to Suit Every Business Need
  • Production via a third-party manufacturers
  • Customized Phone VOIP solutions for various applications and markets
  • Custom consulting and design services for telephony convergence devices

    Vitelix offers its wealth of experience in device and feature design, according to the telephony manufacturer's needs. Join the next-generation telephony revolution, and you will find an enthusiastic partner in Vitelix