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    Vitelix's Phone equips telephony devices with computer-intelligent, Web-powered communication providing high-quality Voice-over-IP (VoIP).

    Vitelix Multipoint Phone Architecture™ (ZMPA™)
    The Company's unique technology is rooted in the patent-pending Vitelix Multipoint Phone Architecture (ZMPA). Dial-up technology (i.e., "two-point" architecture) allows a phone line to be connected to either a telephone (for voice) or a computer (for data), but not both at the same time. ADSL technology allows parallel transfer of voice and data on the same line simultaneously.

    However, only ZMPA enables true convergence of the computer and the telephone. ZMPA enables high-quality VoIP, enhanced telephony functions and unparalleled capabilities resulting from the synergy of telephony, VoIP and the PC. Vitelix's Phone transforms the PC into a smart PSTN and VoIP telephony system supporting voicemail, call recording, voice command dialing, screen dialing, telephony integration with existing software
    including MS Outlook, NetMeeting and Messenger

    Vitelix's strategy differs from that of other USB Phone manufacturers that sell generic USB Phones. Such generic Phones do not include the combination of CODECs (integrated circuits that perform analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion) and ZMPA™ platforms inside the same Phone. Vitelix's USB ZMPA™ Phone can replace a phone's standard processor for about the same cost.

    Vitelix Phone architecture uses two processors in each Phone. The first is a general processor to facilitate USB protocol and housekeeping tasks; the second is a digital signal processor to handle the telecom protocols and audio processing.

    Vitelix's USB audio ZMPA™ series is a family of Phones with a common platform that feature different configurations of non-blocking communications paths, tailored to suit customer needs. They contain embedded software (firmware) designed for a range of applications. The Phone is ideally suited to telephones, monitors, headsets and many other applications that require remote ZMPA™ audio processing over USB.

    USB Connectivity
    The USB revolution has enabled direct access to the PC's CPU that provides full convergence with the PC. Vitelix's Phones can be placed inside PC peripherals, enabling remote audio processing. This frees up the PC's CPU, thereby avoiding interruptions of the audio stream. In contrast, generic USB Phones still rely on the PC's CPU to supply the audio stream.

    Based on true "Plug-and-Play" connectivity, no software/sound card installation or configuration is required, as the devices plug into
    the standard PC's USB ports.

    Vitelix's USB Phones enable connectivity features for peripheral telecommunications products not possible with serial or parallel port connections. Vitelix's Phones are fully compliant with Windows XP.

    ZMPA™-Controlled Echo Cancellation & Low Latency
    Vitelix's Phone achieves "toll-quality" VoIP communications through ZMPA™-controlled, adaptive echo-cancellation and low IP latency algorithms.

    Competitive Advantages
    With its unique ZMPA, solution, USB connectivity, and advanced sound capability, Vitelix is pioneering the way people communicate. Vitelix's cross-platform interoperability solution, coupled with the most intuitive, cost-efficient interface, is poised to lead the way toward next-generation communication devices and applications

    Vitelix offers its wealth of experience in device and feature design to suit any market or application. Join the next-generation telephony revolution, and you will find an enthusiastic partner in Vitelix